Explore the Worst Rugby Injuries of All Time

It’s no secret that Rugby players occasionally suffer horrific injuries. Going up against players that get burlier each year has its consequences. A recent study by orthopedics at Dublin’s Tallaght hospital highlighted these injuries. The study found that Rugby players experience the some of the same injuries as car crash victims. Hip bone fractures, ruptured calves & open wounds are all possible when playing rugby.

In a sport that’s played by millions, there are bound to be some epic injuries. However, there are ways to stay out of harm’s way. If you stick with playing against people your size, the odds of getting injured decrease. Unfortunately, accidents still happen even with the best intentions. This is especially apparent when dealing with top notch athletes. Every year the players get bigger & bigger, so it’s only natural that the injuries get more shocking.

Since league injuries steal the show, the spotlight is on professional players. We have come up with a list of some of the most horrific rugby injuries of all time. These injuries are so graphic that we refuse to post pictures of them. But for the brave hearted, a simple Google search will show everything that you are missing. Prepare to be blown away by these outrageous accidents!

Worst Rugby Injuries of All Time

worst rugby injuries
Ruby is a sport that sheds its fair share of blood.

Rugby Injury #1: Ceri Davies – When Welsh rugby player Ceri Davies competed against the Carmarthen Druids, it was just another game. Tensions were high & the energy at the stadium was electrifying. It was yet another fierce battle for the Lloandovery 2nds. Before the match was over, Ceri managed to steal the show. Unfortunately the spotlight wasn’t on his talent, it was on his breathtaking injury. During a bloody takedown Ceri ruptured his calf. This opened up an amazingly large wound on his leg, which was quickly posted online. The photo spread across social media like wild fire, making people cringe around the world.

Rugby Injury #2: Lacie Munro – Lyon winger Lacie Munro suffered one of the most gruesome rugby injuries of all time in January 2014. To no one’s surprise, the injury happened in a French Pro D2 League match. These games are infamous for their level of brutality, & this match didn’t disappoint. Before the end of the match Lacie Munro suffered a horrific split lip. The photo was so revolting that it was paraded around social media for months. Before you look up the picture make sure you are ready for gore!

Rugby Injury #3: Nicholas Schonert – The root of many terrifying rugby injuries stem from studs. They are perfect tools to grip the field, but they also do excellent jobs at slicing through human flesh. The former Cheetahs star was brutally reminded of this when he played prop for the Worcester Warriors. In a heated match against the Saracens, Nicholas found himself on the wrong end of Maro Itoje’s stud. The English star’s stud showed no mercy, slicing Nicholas’ face wide open. After 40 stitches the wound was finally closed, but it still makes anyone who sees the photo shudder.