Explore American Pubs With the Wildest Themes

There are lot of cool pubs in America, but some wild themed venues still manage to steal the show. In a country filled with chain restaurants & large corporations, it’s refreshing to see individuality being maintained. Nowadays too many places look the same, often picking bland themes to avoid offending people. More venues are shying away from their true essences to cater to the crowds. Sick of the monotony, many American entrepreneurs are rebelling against this troubling trend. They have bravely created pubs that feature some of the wildest themes on the planet.

This new wave of pubs is bursting at the seams with individuality, so they need to be explored. It’s always good to see something different, since it makes for a good story back home. Getting out of your comfort zone & seeing something weird is the only way to truly experience a different culture. For this reason, we have compiled a list of American pubs with the coolest themes. They are absolutely ridiculous, so prepare to be shocked by their audacity!

Most Interesting American Pubs

American Pubs
Get your dose of the holiday cheer!

American Pub #3: LaLa’s – For those of us who love the holidays, there’s a venue that embodies our passion. It’s always Christmas at this unique bar that’s tucked away in Austin, Texas. They have an elf doll that sits on the shelf surrounded by booze. Every time someone walks into the bar, this triggers the doll to dance wildly. To add to the mayhem, Christmas lights are stringed up all year long. They serve stiff drinks, so you can forget about any disappointing Christmases & start anew!

American Pubs
Sexy nurses encourage obesity at this pub!

Odd American Pub #2: Heart Attack Grill – Instead of promoting healthy living, this Las Vegas pub encourages patrons to indulge. They openly celebrate bad health, letting customers who exceed 350lbs eat free! Their high calorie burgers can sport an obscene amount of patties, and their cocktails are filled with sugar. Walking is frowned upon, since visitors are encouraged to wear hospital gowns and use wheelchairs.

Being handicapped has its perks, because anyone who accepts the wheelchairs gets pushed around by their sexy staff. The girls are all dressed up as nurses that are so seductive they could make anyone want to get sick. Overall this alcohol filled hospital ward is an amazing experience for people looking to see another side of Vegas. Don’t miss out on it when you’re on the strip!

American Pubs
This vegan strip club breaks all the rules!

Odd American Pub #1: Casa Diablo – Located in Portland, Oregon, this bar shocks customers every night. In a city that prides itself on being weird, odd venues abound. Their strip clubs aren’t immune from this trend, and Casa Diablo showcases this. The bar is set to look exactly like the Mexican bar in From Dusk ‘til Dawn. This bustling venue has three stages that feature extremely surprising themes for a strip club.

There are plenty of sexy gals, but they are dressed as vampires. Each girl sports a ridiculously dark appearance, but many people can agree that it’s still attractive in a bizarre way. The strippers aren’t the only ones celebrating the vampire lifestyle, since the venue is filled with odd amenities. They sell $2 bills that are dipped in fake blood for clients to throw at the strippers.

Defying all odds, the club has a strictly vegan menu. This delightfully tacky strip club is enough to win over even the most jaded traveler. Roll the dice with their blood-sucking strippers the next time you are in Portland!