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Visit the Best Pubs in Johannesburg


Despite being over 8,000 miles from London, Johannesburg is packed with a vibrant selection of pubs. While this development may be shocking to some visitors, it makes sense after examining the city’s booming tourism statistics. Boasting a population of 5.6 million, Johannesburg is easily the most populous city in South Africa. This country depends heavily […]

Why should I play Keno at online casinos?

Why to play keno at online casinos

Keno is a game of chance like any other slot game or lottery game. Also to win Keno you need to beat the bad odds. There is very less chance to win Keno as a lottery but you do get some wins playing Keno at online casinos. Playing Keno at online casinos with moderation, sticking […]

Cool Keno – Things to know

Cool Keno – Things to know

Keno is easy to play games and is available on a user-friendly-platform. Playing this game you have the opportunity to get bonuses and win easily. There are different types of Keno games you can play using your PC or even smartphones. What is Cool Keno?   It is all about the right strategies and the […]

Discover Which Bistros Can’t Be Missed in Chicago

French Bistro

French settlers set the original framework for the city, so it’s not surprising that Chicago is filled with quality bistros. Despite being the transportation hub of America, many faucets of Chicago unintentionally lead back to France. The area was originally pioneered by the French in 1688, and quickly became a crucial hub for transportation and […]

What is Krazy Keno?

Krazy Keno is a quick version of Keno that is available at to play. With an Auto Play feature, this instant version of Keno only uses 40 numbers and has very few extra features to speed up the gameplay. Where to Play Krazy Keno   If you love to play Keno games fast, you can […]

Top German Beers to Try in 2019

German Beers

Boasting one of the most vibrant beer industries in the world, it’s no surprise German beers are in a class of their own. Even though they were far from the first civilization to produce beer, Germans were the first to perfect its production. Thanks to the first international trade routes, Germanic ancestors were consuming beer […]

Top Keno Variations to Try This Year

Keno Variations

As the popularity of Keno continues to flourish, so are the number of variants punters can choose from. Once it made its way to the Western world in the 1800’s, Keno variations successfully infiltrated multiple cultures. Due to its fun nature and high payouts, the game’s popularity quickly spread across the world. Out of all […]

What is Keno TV Show?

TV Show Keno Rules

It is the craziest version of Keno you’d ever play. Available at, this game will take you to a new level of gaming experience. This is the latest version of Keno as all of the games at VideoSlots is there. You will be amazed to see how you’d be blown away with how fast […]