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How to play the new Keno Superplay game in Australia?

How to play Keno superplay

Keno Superplay is the new Keno game introduced by Australia’s official Keno TAB site. With multiple spot types on one ticket, you’ll have multiple chances to win on a single game. Keno Superplays are available via the Keno Touch or you can ask your friendly Keno Operator at the counter. All you need is to […]

Types of Keno Game Tickets

Do you know there are different types of keno game tickets you can have? Using different types of keno game tickets you play the game in several ways. Let’s find out here those different types of keno tickets in an attempt to simplify the various ways to play keno tickets. Usually, there are six different […]

Secrets of Keno

Keno Machine Secrets Keno closely resembles a lottery. If you love to play lottery games, it is likely you will also play keno board. At lottery games, you need to usually select six or seven numbers, as per the type of the game. In keno, you can choose a number or two up to twenty. […]

Revisit the Most Outrageous Rugby Injuries

Rugby Injuries

Out of all the sports we indulge in, none provide a more spectacular amount of injuries than rugby. On average each player makes 20 to 40 tackles a match, which sets the stage for multiple injuries. While hookers and flankers sustain the most injuries, everyone on the field is prone to experience some sort of […]

Tips to win Keno- Accept the edge and enjoy Keno

Tips to win Keno Australia

Keno is widely played in Australia both as physical lotteries or at online sites. Keno is a game where 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80. Recently a Kingston resident had a great win of $50,000 on Keno.  This man won $50,000 on a spot 8 prize in a Keno draw having bought his ticket […]

Guidelines to Win Keno

Keno is a casino game originated in China where you have to select a set of numbers to bet on and are paid if your selected numbers are randomly chosen as hits. This game is a game of luck and payouts are quite low thus the risks are minimal too. But on applying a few […]

Meet the Best New Pubs in Sydney

New Pubs in Sydney

Despite Sydney’s draconian lock out laws, their nighttime economy is making a comeback. Faced with silly rules that prohibit dancing, mirror balls and ukuleles, patrons are adjusting how they party. The forced closure of after-hours venues has unintentionally created a boom of new small bars. These venues allow patrons to drink until until midnight, and are […]

How to play Keno at Mongoose Casino in real AUD?

Keno games at Mongoose

Mongoose casino is Australian friendly online site to play Keno with real AUD. This online site offers great variety of Keno games to play either for free or with real money. Mongoose brings wealth to Aussies as it is believed by Tibetan and Buddhist culture. Launched in 2015 this casino is a part of Rock […]