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Keno gamer saves his house after massive Jackpot win

Frank Weis Keno Winner

Keno game proved lucky for a player who won a massive jackpot and saved his house that was about to be sold. Truckie Frank Weis and his partner Kim, from Park Ridge in Queensland, southwest of Brisbane, had been struggling to make ends meet for the past couple of years. This couple who were about […]

Discover the Biggest Cricket Upsets of 2017


Last year was undeniably controversial, and cricket was no exception. A slew of upsets swept the league and made fans question their loyalty. While they may have been perplexing, these wins showcase the beauty of cricket. On the field there are many uncertainties that pave the way for surprises. When top notch teams go up […]

Visit the Best Bitcoin Casinos in 2018

Bitcoin Casinos

Out of all the facets of online gambling, none are thriving more than Bitcoin casinos. These venues are shaking up the industry by accepting this budding digital currency. While some people may still question the validity of Bitcoin, there’s no arguing about its benefits for punters. On top of giving users a discreet payment method, […]

Experience the Wildest Restaurants in Sydney

Wildest Restaurants

When it comes to wild restaurants, look no further than Sydney. This vibrant city is a hub for unique entertainment. From iconic pubs to renegade dining experiences, there’s plenty to explore. Now that the entire world is becoming gentrified, people are looking for something new. Eating at the same establishments your entire life gets old […]

Meet the Strongest Liquors in the World

Strongest Liquors

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, not all spirits are created equal. While some taste great, others reach a different extreme. Instead of catering to your taste buds, these drinks rock customers’ consciousness with their alcohol content. Not settling for just being stiff drinks, their distillers went the extra mile. They created spirits that sport […]

Explore the Oldest Pubs in London

Oldest Bars

When it comes to beer and history, London can’t be beaten. Their vibrant heritage has set the stage for some of the most iconic pubs in the world. These venues were established in a different era, which gives guests a glimpse into fading facets of English culture. Over the centuries, London’s bars have managed to […]

Enjoy the Wildest Restaurants in Melbourne

Wildest Restaurants

Melbourne is far from boring, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to some incredibly unique restaurants. From wild themes to exotic dishes, these venues refuse to conform to people’s expectations. By ditching the usual formula, they are able to add something beautiful to the city’s dining experience. If you are looking for a tame […]

Hidden Casinos That Need to be Visited in Paris


Even though Paris is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, their casinos routinely get neglected. This is due to the fact that many of them are easy to miss for the inexperienced punter. While you won’t find larger than life integrated resorts, Parisian casinos have a distinct charm. They are completely unique […]