A Checklist of 5 Things To Carry When You’re Playing Keno

Keno is a lottery-like casino game, where a person can win a significant amount of money based on the amount they end up betting. Keep in mind that any casino game has an element of risk involved, but the excitement and fun can topple the stress of losing – provided you’re smart. Keno remains a popular casino game that most people enjoy.

How To Play Keno?

Keno is a simple casino game that requires you to select a few numbers and wait for them to be drawn. At a physical casino, there may be a keno area where you will find tickets. You mark your numbers and take it to a Keno desk to pay your ticket. You will win if the drawn numbers match your selected numbers and the prize amount will depend on the matching numbers between the ones drawn and your selection. Payback usually ranges anywhere from 70-80 percent.

What to Bring When You’re Going to Play Keno?

Now that you’ve decided to play Keno, here’s a checklist of five items you should carry when you’re off to play the game.

  • Money: Without money you won’t be able to get your Keno tickets and select your numbers, so don’t forget those dollars! If you bet $1 on a selected number and want to play 6 games that’s $6.
  • Keno Ticket: Once you’ve got your Keno ticket, you’ve got to select the numbers that you want to bet on. The more numbers you bet on, the more you can possibly win.
  • Your Thinking Cap: Most people will tell you that Keno is not a strategic game and it’s really not but a little thinking never hurt anyone, did it? Think of number combinations that may win and bet on the bonus number ever so often to win twice as much.
  • Mobile Phone: While waiting for the physical numbers at a casino, why not get out your mobile and try your hand at online keno to increase your chances of a win? The distraction will take away your anxiety and the more you bet, the more chances you have for a win.
  • Your Ability to Have Fun: The infrequent returns from Keno make it difficult to take the game seriously, which is why it’s the perfect game for those who just want to have some inexpensive and relaxed fun. Don’t ever forget that.

Regardless of the game, Keno is a casino staple and is quite a fan favourite across Australia.



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