7 Australia Travel Tips for a Great Vacation

Australia has plenty of entertainment options for travelers coming from across the globe.  Starting from the pristine beaches along its sun-kissed extensive coastline to non-stop shopping and trying out new cuisines – you’ll get all here in Australia.

7 Tips for a Great Vacation in Australia

I have compiled top 7 tips if you’re planning to visit Australia to make your vacation a real hit:

  1. Choose the Right Time

Choose the Right Time

Choose the Right Time

Planning your trip to Australia at the right time is important. As the weather fluctuates throughout the year, summer is the right season from April to August. You will experience the dazzling rains making the weather pleasant. In June the beaches of Sydney get immensely delightful and you can also enjoy several water activities. These are the best months to visit this country for a great time.

  1. Embrace the Local Parlance

Embrace the Local Parlance

Embrace the Local Parlance

Understanding Australian slangs is of great value making your Australian vibe more fruitful. Here are some of the common terms that you can find and keep in mind:

Cuppa: A hot beverage
Thongs: Flip-flops
Mozzie: Mosquito
Good on ya: Great job

Better to learn these terms and some more to make your Australian trip smooth and enjoyable.

  1. Get ready to face the Glaring Sun

Get ready to face the Glaring Sun

Get ready to face the Glaring Sun

Australia gets high levels of UV rays and often the sun is quite scorching here. Better to balance your time with the sun. Do not forget to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen at least three times a day. Also, keep yourself hydrated throughout especially when you under the sun to avoid heatstroke.

  1. Stay away from Phone or Internet

Stay away from Phone or Internet

In Australia, the internet is quite slow and expensive also. Some of the cafes and hotels have Wi-Fi connections, but the internet speed might not impress you. There are many places like McDonald’s and libraries, offer complimentary Wi-Fi. You may go there to use the internet. The most cost-effective way to stay connected is to unlock your mobile phone before you head to Australia is to buy a Telstra Pay As You Go SIM card. It has the best coverage across the country, it’ll keep you connected even in remote areas.

  1. Fulfill all the Visa Requirements

Fulfill all the Visa Requirements

Fulfill all the Visa Requirements

You need to have a valid visa to enter the country. You must have your visa and other documentation requisites ready. You have to go through the entire process that is mandatory as a tourist.

  1. Comply with the Quarantine Laws

Comply with the Quarantine Laws

Comply with the Quarantine Laws

You must familiarize yourself with the quarantine laws of Australia where you need to declare all the plant, food and animal products you are carrying with you. These things may include seeds, fruits, leather products, feathers, and any wooden thing. If any of your possessions are found breaching this law, they’ll confiscate these things and you may also have to pay the fine. So, before traveling to Australia, get acquainted with this law.

  1. Select Right Transportation

Select Right Transportation

In Melbourne, you will have trains, buses, and trams that you can use buying a Myki card. In Sydney, Opal card will work and in Brisbane, you can get go card for transportation. All these local transport will help keep your expenses within budget and it will also help you explore various destinations.


These are some necessary tips for traveling Australia and will also help you make the most of this tour.

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