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Spots in Las Vegas That Can’t Be Missed

Spots in Las Vegas

Even though the Venetian steals the show, there are plenty of hidden attractions that are worth visiting in Vegas. These gems are routinely missed by the millions of tourists that flock to Sin City every year. From Chinese to American tourists, most visitors get funneled into mainstream businesses. These venues have been promoted heavily on […]

Play Keno Mega Millions – A Keno game with bigger jackpot to win

Last year Tabcorp the wagering giant put its keno business  in the multi-million-dollar spotlight by bringing the the biggest change to the game the NSW history. The Australian listed company, which worked on clearing regulatory hurdles to merge with Tatts Group to create an $11 billion gaming giant, launched “Keno Mega Millions”. The new product […]

3 Most Expensive Restaurants In the World

Expensive Restaurants

There’s a lot of expensive restaurants in the world, but a few of them are on another level. Instead of just being pricey, their costs border on insanity. Obviously these places offer exceptional food, but what customers are really paying for is the novelty. From psychedelic electric shows to extremely rare plates of food, these […]

Discover the Most Successful Casinos Ever Made

Successful Casinos

Casinos pride themselves on offering over the top amenities, so it’s no surprise that they generate staggering amounts of revenue. Even though it’s hard to lose for a casino, not all venues rake in excessive profits. In an industry that’s constantly outdoing itself, standing out becomes increasingly hard to achieve. Nowadays every casino has evolved […]

These Are the Most Expensive Cocktails Ever Made

Expensive Cocktails

There are plenty of lavish cocktails, but some drinks steal the show with their outrageous price tags. In an age where bigger is better, bars are scrambling to come up with something unique. Every venue has flashy décor, but that means nothing if there aren’t high quality drinks. While you don’t have to spend a […]

Meet the Best Made Keno Apps Online

Keno Apps

Keno is a game that is revered around the world, so it’s no surprise that there are some epic keno apps. Online gambling is booming, & developers are scrambling to come up with ways to stay ahead of the curve. This means keeping up with the growing demands from customers. Since the industry is evolving […]

The Five Keno Game Secrets You Might Not Be Aware Of

When you buy a Keno Lotto ticket you obviously hope to win. You anxiously wait for the draw and as the winning numbers are announced you hold your hand on throbbing heart and if you get the hot numbers you jump to joy but if you don’t you sigh. But besides the winning and losing […]

Vegas Casinos With Best Odds for Certain Games

vegas casinos

All casinos in Las Vegas are larger than life, but some offer better odds for certain games than others. Even though they are equally flashy, each casino offers different payout ratios. The figures vary wildly between games, which opens up unique opportunities to players. Since not all games are created equally, some are more advantageous […]