Keno is like a form of bingo, it is thought that it originated with the ancient Chinese. The game has a modern twist to it now since you can play in a casino at a live call game, or you can play it like you do video poker, and then there is also playing keno online. Many websites that offer keno on line allow you to play with free money.

However you can play keno online for real money.

Rank Online Websites Bonus Max Bonus Wager (Keno) Play Today
1 Jackpot City AUD Jackpot City Australia 100% $1600 50x * Play Now
2 Spin Palace Australia Spin Palace 100% $1000 + Spins 35x * Play Now
3 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas AUD 100% $1200 30x * Play Now
4 Scratchies Online - Scratch2Cash Scratch2Cash 100% $200 + 20 Free Scratchies 35x * Play Now

Playing Keno Online

When playing Keno online, twenty balls will be drawn and the player’s aim is to predict what the numbers on these balls will be. There are eighty numbers to choose from on the board per round, and players can bet on a maximum of fifteen of them.

Here’s how players go about playing keno:

  1. Choose their chip size.
  2. Choose their keno-board numbers by left clicking and highlighting the numbers. Players can un-select numbers by left clicking again.
  3. Players can now choose between 1 to 15 numbers and can see what the payout will be for hitting a number of selected spots in the game on the board to the left of the keno table.
  4. Start the game by selecting Play.
  5. The numbers will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. Once all of the twenty numbers are drawn, players will be paid out according to the amount of number matches made.
  6. Players can now start another game. To use the same numbers again, players must select Play or Clear to start with new numbers.

Payout schedule

The players winning amounts are dependent on how many numbers were selected and how many of those were hit.

As stated before you can play Keno in a casino with other people or you can play keno online. Playing keno online is just the same as playing it in a casino. You choose your numbers, up to 10, and then wait for the draw.

If you are playing an automated game then the draw is whenever you hit the draw button. However there are sites that offer a more casino style game where there is a draw every five minutes or so depending on the site and their predetermined draw schedule.

Online Keno Australia

Playing keno online is easy to do; it all depends on do you want to play keno online for real money or just for fun? There are many sites available to play keno online that accept bets from Australia. Now, finding a site that is reputable and reliable is a little bit harder.

There are many people out there that will set up sites to look legit but are not instead they just take your card number and spend what they please.

We only feature Keno websites that we trust. We know they pay winners and we play fair. They're all independent audited for fairness.

Discover the Luckiest Gamblers of All-time

Many people gamble at casinos, but only a few of them make history. In a modern casino, the odds are always against you. To make things worse, many players blindly play games without doing their homework. If you step up to a game without a plan, the house edge almost guarantees that you will lose. This creates an atmosphere where people accept losses regularly, instead of fighting to break the cycle.

Amongst such a dismal percentage of winners, beating the casino is extremely rare. This makes the feats of these players that much more impressive, since they beat the odds. Their incredible victories prove that there is hope for bright eyed players.

To hit it big, you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Having a strategy increases your odds, but some people were born lucky. Despite facing almost impossible odds, these players achieved the impossible. Their stories need to be highlighted, because they prove that life is full of surprises. You should never accept mediocracy, there’s always the potential to overcome the odds. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the luckiest gamblers in the world. Prepare to be blown away by their unlikely feats!

Luckiest Gamblers in Casino History

Luckiest Gamblers

The odds of doing this is simply staggering.

Player #3: Patricia Demauro – This grandma from New Jersey proved that rolling the dice can be extremely profitable. After sitting down at a craps table in Atlantic City, Patricia made history. She rolled a pair of dice 154 times in a row without hitting a seven. This was an incredible feat, since the odds of doing so are 1 in 1.56 trillion! Her lucky roll streak lasted four hours & 18 minutes. This shattered the world’s record for the longest craps roll, cementing her legacy as a new world record.

On top of being unfathomable, it was also a very profitable night for Patricia. She declined to say how much she won, but experts have made impressive predictions. If she made decent bets, she easily won hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once better bets are factored in, the probability of winning millions was easily within reach. Either way, Patricia did something that was long considered impossible. It’s a tough act to follow, so we will have to wait a long time for someone to beat this record!

Luckiest Gamblers

He put everything on the line, & won!

Player #2: Ashley Revell – It’s not often that one bet inspires a TV show, but this one did. In 2004, Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, even his clothes. He wasn’t going to commit suicide, it was to raise money to join reality TV show “Double or Nothing. In a terrifying move, Revell bet all his $135,300 on a single spin of a roulette wheel. Every penny he had was invested in this, so if he lost he would be homeless.

Against all odds, it was his lucky day. He won the spin & doubled his money to $270,600. After tipping the dealer $600, Revell left the casino & opened his own online poker company. What a daring way to start your own business! This breathtaking feat inspired a new TV show by Simon Cowell, called “Red or Black?”.

Luckiest Gamblers

This man saved FedEx by playing blackjack!

Player #1: Frederick W. Smith – You may not know his name, but everyone knows his company. This daring CEO of FedEx managed to save the company with a trip to Vegas. In 1974, FedEx was in dire straights. The rising costs of fuel was causing the company to lose $1 million a month. After a devastating series of losses, the company only had $5,000 to its name.

They still had the planes, but there wasn’t enough money to fuel them the following Monday. This left them dead in the water, but Smith wasn’t about to give up. He took the company’s $5,000 & went to Vegas. After spending a weekend playing blackjack, he had won $32,000.

This was enough to fuel the planes, so FedEx was back in business for another week. That turned out to be all they needed, since investors jumped back on board. By 1976, FedEx started making a profit. Now the company is worth $25-$35 billion, & Smith is a certified billionaire. It’s hard to imagine that one of the biggest companies in the world was saved by a weekend in Vegas!

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What is Keno Deluxe and how to play this game

Keno Deluxe

Keno Deluxe- Instant Keno game you will love to play

Keno Deluxe is an Instant Keno game which is quite easy to play. This game is designed by Neogames where you simply pick how many numbers you wish to play with and get a match with the 20 random numbers picked by the game. If you are thinking you cannot play Keno Deluxe with real money then forget it as you can play with real bets and win real too here like any other Keno game that too in your own AUD currency.

When you start to play Keno Deluxe you will find that it is like a traditional Keno game but the format and the structure of the game is in bright pastel colors and a fun control board to make it much more visually appealing than any other Keno game that you mostly play at your local pub.

As you start to play instant game Keno Deluxe you will hear an upbeat tune playing which will slowly disappear as you start to play the game. Through out the game you wont hear any music but a lot of different sound effects. The look of the game has been designed like a one big gaming machine up close. You have a Paytable area, the area where all the possible numbers from 1 to 80 are displayed, the area where the 20 random numbers are displayed and the area where you can control the settings of the game.

How to play Keno Deluxe

As in any other Keno game; Keno Deluxe consists of a grid of numbers from one to 80 and the aim is to pick up to 15 numbers in the hopes that these will match the winning numbers drawn from the pit. No special skill or previous knowledge of keno is required to play, making this suitable for even inexperienced as well as professional players.

So what you need to do is to play and win on instant game Keno Deluxe, select your numbers that simply need to match with the randomly picked winning numbers. You could win on all your selected numbers. The more numbers you match the bigger and greater your winnings will be. How big your winnings are also depends on how much you have betted on your game. The numbers you have selected will be highlighted in pink making it easy to see your numbers. When you have a matching number to the randomly picked numbers it will change from a square box that the number is in to a circle in a purple colour. The numbers that don’t match yours will be displayed in a blue circle from a yellow square.

As an example like you select anything from 1 to 15. Pick the numbers yourself or let the game pick your numbers for you. If you wish to clear a number you picked, click on the Clear button to select another number. Then select how much you wish to bet on instant game Keno Deluxe. By using the plus or minus attached to the Bet meter you can select your betting amount. Instant game Keno Deluxe is now ready to start with just a click on the Go button. Once you have clicked on the Go button the randomly selected winning numbers will be displayed in the 4 tubes. If you want your game to speed up and show your winnings faster click on the Turbo button. As it is an instant game it gives instant wins too which will make you happy to see how big you have won.

Where to play Keno Deluxe

You can play Keno Deluxe at online casinos for free to practice as well as to play for real money. Most of the online casinos offer this game on instant play mode so that you can play Keno Deluxe directly over your Web browser without having to download any special software. Also online casinos offer welcome bonus and other special bonus which you need to avail when registering yourself at these online casinos.

Aussie friendly online casinos also accept deposits in AUD which you can make through any of the suitable banking mode like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard. You can also select the ‘demo’ option on Keno Deluxe to play it for free in practice mode before committing to a real money wager.

What will you win when playing Keno Deluxe

When playing Keno Deluxe, the amount you can win depends on two things: the size of your bet, and how many numbers you have picked. The more numbers you pick, the more hits you’ll need to get in order to score a win. On the flip side, the more numbers you pick and match, the more money you will win.

Like suppose, if you only pick five numbers, you’ll only need to match one number to place a win, but if you pick 15 numbers, you’ll need to match at least three numbers to win. Picking only five numbers will give you a maximum win of 50x your bet if you match all five, while picking the maximum of 15 numbers and matching them all will earn a jackpot win of 15,000x your bet.

Every time you alter the size of your bet or the amount of numbers you pick, look to the left hand side of the screen, as the paytable will automatically update to suit your wager, so it will always be clear how much you stand to win.

Tips to play Keno Deluxe

As Keno is a game of chance the only tip to play is how many numbers you play. Each game will cost you the same amount whether you play two numbers or all 15, so optimal keno strategy recommends you play as many numbers as possible in order to increase your chances of a win.

Keno is to be enjoyed at all aspects which ever variation of the game you play. Also remember to stick to your bankroll and always bet within your means and play to relax yourself and have fun. Wins will automatically follow if you are lucky Keno player.

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Avoid Casino Games With the Worst Odds

Casinos have a massive amount of games, but not all of them are advantageous for the player. Not all games are created equal, & it’s reflected in the payout percentages. Even though it doesn’t mean you will always fail, the larger the house edge the harder it is to win. Having a strategy helps, but in the end it doesn’t matter how talented of a player you are. Either way, the casino will get their cut. This isn’t necessarily shocking, since they are providing the entertainment. What is shocking is how much the payout percentage can vary from each game.

Since payout rates make such a big difference, doing a little research is essential. Finding out which games have the worst odds will help you bet strategically. Just because a game has a high house edge doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it. It just tells you to bet carefully & use discretion. When stepping into a casino, everyone should have a game plan. For this reason we have compiled a list of casino games with the worst odds. Prepare to be surprised by the fun games on our list!

Casino Games To Avoid at All Costs

casino games

Stay away from the wheel if you want to win!

Casino Game #2: Big Six – Even though its popularity is fading, this game can still be found in most casinos. Big Six revolves around an upright wheel with a bunch of dollar amounts on it. The dealer spins the wheel, & you win each time your number hits. Each betting amount correlates to a number on the wheel. If you bet $1, you stand to gain $1 if the wheel stops on the $1 symbol. The same system applies if you bet $5, $10 or $20. No big wins are possible, you can only win the same amount that you bet.

Even though winning isn’t impressive, the best way to play this game is by placing $1 bets. For $1 bets, the house edge is 11.11%. This is twice as high as the odds of an American roulette wheel. Even though these odds don’t sound bad, they get drastically worse the more you bet. If you bet $5 or $20, the house edge doubles to 22.22%. Those are terrible odds.

To add insult to injury, there’s no possibility of hitting a big jackpot. The most you can win is $20, & you will have to risk $20 each spin to win this. If you are adamant about playing this game, stick to $1 bets to increase your odds.

casino games

This game has some of the worst odds around!

Casino Game #1: Sic Bo – Craps may be the most popular dice game at the casino, but this game is still popular. There’s a reason for this preference, since the payout percentage in craps is a lot more appealing than with Sic Bo. Instead of using 2 dice, Sic Bo uses 3. This increases the variety of potential bets, but it also has its drawbacks.

In Sic Bo, only the dealer can roll the dice. This cuts out any attempts from the player to increase the odds with rolling techniques. A normal bet pays even odds with a house edge of 2.78%. While this is a modest amount, if you try to go big the house odds increase drastically.

One of the most popular moves in Sic Bo is betting on specific totals. It provides a 50 to 1 payout rate, but the house edge is 15-29%. The latter percentage is usually found at casinos that offer a 60 to 1 payout rate. This means that the more you stand to gain, the more drastic the house edge rises. These figures give Sic Bo the worst odds in the casino, so avoid betting on totals at all cost.

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The four good reasons that make ‘Cave Man Keno’ the most widely played game

Caveman Keno

Keno is so popular world wide that gaming developers have started to make awesome video keno games that you can enjoy anytime anywhere online so as to say at your own conevience of time and place and win too. There are many versions of Keno game online to be found at casinos  but there is one Keno video game available in the form of app too to enjoy online and is widely popular game liked by all. Yes if you are good at guessing then it is the Caveman Keno that would offer you the best Keno gameplay experience.

Caveman Keno can be played at online casinos on your PC or laptop, or with the game app to download free on your smartphone be it iOS, Android or Windows. In this game each drawn sequence is preceded by three eggs appearing on a random, non-marked number. These numbers appear when the player initiates the play. If the spots are drawn, the eggs hatch into dinosaurs and a multiplier is awarded. Hitting one multiplier does not make any difference, hitting two will multiply the credit you get by four. Hitting enough marked numbers will produce a win. So why this game is so popular is the real question. Here below find the best four good reasons that make this game the most widely played games among Keno fans.

1. Caveman Keno offers you better payback

Caveman Keno

Caveman Keno is fun and easy game that offers you a chance to improve  your earnings. It has one of the best paybacks known and offers you nine best paybacks in Keno. The paybacks available offer you a chance to improve your winnings even above 90%.

Caveman Keno has about six different pay tables available for each version of Caveman. They range from about 88% payback to over 94%. This is considerably high compared to other versions of Keno. The loosest setting of Caveman will actually pay back better than 95% compared to keno games.

The 1,000- 8X version of Caveman Keno is known to offer the best rewards. This makes this version widely popular, as not only you can achieve big wins but the odds of achieving big awards are even higher.

Apart from huge winnings you get if the numbers you have chosen  the correct matches, the bonus system in the Caveman Keno offers a better opportunity to you to have some financial gains. For professional casino players, playing Caveman Keno is one of those games where you will have to get great assurance that you will enhance your money. This is why the game is so popular among professional casino players.

2. Caveman Keno offers enticing bonus strategy


Caveman Keno also features a bonus system that is very enticing to Keno players. The bonus system is the reason for huge paybacks within the game. This bonus system allows you to multiply your winnings by some factors, like 1, 4 and 10. You will find that the main feature of the game is dinosaur eggs.

After choosing 10 numbers from number 1 to 80, the caveman Keno machine will be drawing and generating three numbers that the player has not chosen. When all the numbers have been generated, the three dinosaur eggs will mark the numbers. If one of the dinosaur eggs has a match, then the winnings is multiplied by 1. If there are two matches, four will be used to multiply the winnings of the player. If there are matches, the winnings of the player will be increased ten times and this will result in very huge wins.

3. Caveman Keno has simple and easy rules to understand


Caveman Keno has simple and easy rules so you do not have any difficulty in playing the game. The strategy for achieving a win is simple and easy. If you are a new Keno player then you can play the game for longer time and  it would be better to choose fewer numbers since it will be better to create a break even. But if you want more excitement and fun then you should go for the risky option of choosing more numbers. High numbers will result in several possible winnings in the game and more fun too.

4. Caveman Keno can be played across many devices


Caveman Keno can be played across many devices. You can enjoy this game at online casinos or access via your phone after downloading it free from iTunes for iPhone or iPad or even iPod touch. For Android devices you can have the game free from Google play store and for windows smartphone have it from Microsoft online store all free.  There are in app purchases if you wish to add more to your credits for playing this game.

So this is the main reason why players love to play this game because of its easy accessibility in all of the devices to play the game whenever you wish to. The game is not only exciting but also simple that you just pick keno numbers then wait for them to be drawn by the video machines. You can keep on enjoying this game and love to play Keno like a caveman.

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Don’t Leave Perth Without Visiting These Pubs

Even though they fly under the radar, there are plenty of epic pubs in Perth. Unlike Sydney, Perth has done their best to avoid lockout laws. You can still enter Northbridge clubs until 3:30 AM, & order alcoholic beverages until 5 AM. This is a stark contrast to Sydney, who’s nightlife has gone down the drain since the introduction of draconian laws. In an ironic twist, the Star Casino is still allowed to stay open 24 hours. While Sydney’s iconic venues slowly waste away, the party scene is thriving in Perth.

This bustling city is absolutely packed with options, so it’s no surprise that they feature great pubs. Northbridge has a long standing love affair with pub culture, so not taking a tour of the nightlife is an unspoken crime. It’s easy to miss classic pubs, so having a game plan before you go out is essential. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best pubs in Perth. Prepare for the night of your life with this unforgettable list of pubs!

3 Pubs You Need to Visit in Perth

Perth Pubs

This sprawling pub is unforgettable!

Perth Pub #1: Little Creatures – If you are looking for a unique experience, this is it. This pub has been given an unforgettable makeover, with the entire décor based on a boat shed. They also have massive tanks of beer, which offers one of the freshest drinking experiences in the city.

On top of creating an epic vibe, the food is just as enticing. Their menu is nothing short of spectacular, with plenty of exotic additions. They offer marinated octopus & a slew of mouth-watering pizza’s. It’s open until 11 pm, making it the perfect place to start off the night!

Perth Pubs

This is two-stories of pure entertainment!

Perth Pubs #2: The Brass Monkey – Over the years, this pub has firmly established itself as a Northbridge icon. This sprawling venue offers a diverse range of bars, a balcony to get some fresh air, & an indoor terrace. They offer a wide range of food, with no Aussie classic being neglected.

To top it off, they even have their own brew, the Brass Monkey Stout. It’s actually quite nice, which solidifies its place on the menu. They are open 6 days a week, staying open until 2 am on the weekends. This bold mix of good food & better drinks has made them the perfect place to wind down. It doesn’t matter if you are getting off of work or want to pull an all nighter. This pub has it all, so bring your friends in for a pint!

Perth Pubs

Get a dose of live music at this wild pub!

Perth Pubs #3: Mojos Bar – This is hands down the best venue in North Fremantle. They pioneered live music in the neighborhood, so it’s no surprise that they feature some killer music. Depending on the night, you can hear anything from rock to reggae. On top of the good tunes, the drinks stay flowing 7 nights a week. There’s something for everyone, so you are guaranteed to have a good time. Liven up any day of the week with this wildly entertaining pub!

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Meet Australia’s Biggest TV Scandals of 2016

Even though political upsets overseas stole the show, last year there were plenty of TV scandals in Australia. Our TV industry usually portrays controversies that are based on fantasy, but 2016 was full of surprises. What went on behind the scenes ended up being more provocative than we could imagine.

From kidnapping fiascos to infidelity, Australia’s TV industry proved that fact is stranger than fiction. A continuous slew of controversies plagued the industry throughout the year. Even though they are shocking, they prove that we are just as crazy as the rest of the world. These incidents range from comical to downright worrisome, & they deserve to get highlighted as we start the new year. We decided to compile a list of last year’s biggest TV scandals in Australia. Prepare to be blown away by the lunacy of these incidents!

2016’s Biggest TV Scandals in Australia

TV Scandals

This ordeal will forever live in infamy…

TV Scandal #1: 60 Minute’s Kidnapping Disaster – It’s rare that reporters are forced to participate in real crimes, but 60 minutes proved that it’s possible. Aussie reporter Tara Brown thought that she was covering a normal story in Lebanon, but by the end of the trip she was in prison. The following controversy caused international outrage & shook up the entire show.

In April Tara Brown followed Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner to Beirut, Lebanon. Faulkner’s estranged husband had allegedly kidnapped her two kids & fled the country. In a desperate attempt to recover her children, Faulkner contracted Child Abduction Recovery International. They hatched a plan that ended up being catastrophic for everyone involved.

Apparently, Child Abduction Recovery International performs “snatch backs” to recover kidnapped children. This involves kidnapping the kidnapped children from their kidnappers & returning them to their parents. Unfortunately, this isn’t legal & everyone involved ended up getting arrested. The incident sparked international attention while the court case dragged on for months. In the end the journalists & mother finally got out of Lebanese prison, but the CARI boss is still incarcerated. The show’s senior producer Stephen Rice was also fired, making it one of the most disastrous debuts in the world.

TV Scandals

This was one of the most costly affairs in the world.

TV Scandal #2: Seven West Media’s CEO – Everything was going great for the Seven West Media. They had a number of epic productions & a bright eyed CEO named Tim Worner. All that came to an end when mistress Amber Harrison went public about her 18 month romp with Tim Worner.

While this type of scandal usually only affects those involved, it proved to be disastrous for the media giant. The day after Amber Harrison released her accusations over $100 million was wiped off of Seven West Media’s share price. This shocking repercussion led to a ferocious legal battle that ended up costing the company an additional million dollars. For now Worner still has his job, but the company paid dearly for his sexual adventures.

TV Scandal

Iggy Azalea has worn out her welcome in Australia.

TV Scandal #3: Fear Factor Flop – No one is more used to controversy than Iggy Azalea. The superstar diva proved this with her disastrous foray in X Factor Australia. After spending a fortune to coax her to come down here, Iggy begrudgingly agreed to be a judge on the show. Shortly after leaving her LA mansion, she managed to stir up controversy. Upon her arrival she quickly announced that Australia wasn’t her homeland & she felt more at home in LA.

This set the tone for one of the worst seasons of X Factor ever made. The show’s judges rarely agreed on anything, & the feud ended up dismantling the show. In the end the show got cancelled, & Iggy Azalea went back to her new homeland.

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RTG Keno- How and where to play

RTG Keno

Real Time Gaming Keno

RTG or Real Time Gaming is one of the gaming software companies that develop great casino games. As you enter the online casino you will find wide variety of casino games from many of the gaming developers like Microgaming, Playtech, Netent and many others. Similarly RTG is also a famous games provider and you can enjoy its games at RTG powered online casinos.

Like Microgaming RTG also has developed its Keno online game. The RTG Keno game runs smooth on your PC or smartphone or tablet whichever device you choose to play. It offers you an incredibly easy to understand layout that will have help you to play Keno in no time at all.

To enjoy RTG Keno you need to visit RTG Casino like All slots casino,  Spin Palace Casino, Jackpot City,  Intertops casino, Casino Midas or any other Aussie friendly RTG casinos. Enter the casino and search for Keno in the games lobby. Once you find the game just click on it and play. You have the option to try it for free and play in practice mode or you can register yourself at the casino and play for real money that is absolutely your choice.

At many online casinos you can find both Instant Play and a Downloadable version  to play Keno. So you choose which you feel more comfortable to play with. Also many casinos offer no deposit bonuses for this keno which you can claim by registering yourself at the online casino Also you can claim great welcome and sign up bonus when you start your game for the first time at a particular casino of your choice.

Features to find in RTG Keno

The Real Time Gaming software plays smoothly. Some customization is offered in sound volume and full screen option. The rules and the procedure of the game are simple and easy to understand. The Help section adequately addresses all issues. The graphics are sharp. Though there is minimal animation and sound effects as spots are hit. The game plays at one standard speed.

The usual game feature have been provided. These include the 10 Quick Pick spots and the Auto Play 5 or 10 tickets. Though the betting range is wide it covers only 5 amounts.
RTG Keno

So when playing for real money you have registered at the casino and chosen to use Instant Play or Downloaded version then you are ready to go.  When you click on the game you will have the keno board displayed on your screen. Choose your wager amount, choose your numbers by selecting them on the game board. You now have the option to play 1, 5 or 10 games consecutively.

Using the same rules as virtually all other versions of Keno, RTG Keno is a nice straight forward version.  It offers good wager limits and you can play using $0.01, $0.25, $1.00, $5.00 or $25.00 as your wager.

Also the game comes in super easy format which means even a first timer would under stand how to play. Choose wager amount, Choose 1 number up to 15 numbers by selecting them directly on the game board

You have various options to play. You can choose to play one hand of Keno using your selected number or numbers and wager. Also play five hands of Keno using your selected number or numbers and wager in a row or play ten hands of Keno in a row using your selected number or numbers and wager

In the clear button you can click to clears wager amount and it offers selected numbers allowing players to start fresh. When you click Quick Pick it randomly selects 10 numbers for you.

Rules to play RTG Keno

RTG Keno uses the same rules as all other Keno games. Choose how much you would like to wager, choose your numbers then get paid accordingly. First select your wager, the amount you would like to bet for the first round of Keno. You do this by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the dollar amount just below the game board. Next you choose if you would like to play one single round of Keno or if you would like to play 5 or 10 in a row as said above.

RTG Keno

As always you will get paid accordingly to how many numbers you caught and how much you wagered. Depending on how many numbers you choose the payouts are listed before you play to the left of the game board. The amount of numbers you choose correctly is listed and highlighted after each round to the left of the game board explaining your payout based on the amount of number your choose correctly. To the right of the game board is a round by round breakdown if your have choose to auto play 5 or 10 round in a row

RTG Keno is a great choice that will appeal to first time players to the game of Keno because of its basic playing style and table limits.  The return to player percentage varies greatly depending on your choice. According to expert calculations picking 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, or 15 numbers should give you a RTP of more than 94% when playing at an RTG casino.

All things said and done the online RTG casinos have a great Aussie friendly deposit options as well as withdrawal methods along with great 24/7 customer support to play and enjoy Keno anytime.

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Discover the Most Unexpected Keno Hotspots

There are plenty of well-known places to play keno, but sometimes it’s good to go off the grid. Everyone has already exhausted the usual tourist destinations, so it’s time for punters to explore something new. There’s no denying the allure of Las Vegas, Macau & Monte Carlo. But all the constant publicity they receive has inadvertently turned them into tourist traps. They are still great places to go if you have money to blow, but 2017 is all about going into uncharted territory.

The best way to avoid throngs of tourists is by going the opposite direction. This means going places completely unexpected to play keno. Unbeknownst to most punters, there are a myriad of lesser known options at their disposal. With so many developing nations hitting the mainstream, flaunting lax gambling laws often becomes their salvation. These new spots are quickly becoming havens for punters who are tired of the monotony. For this reason we have compiled a list of completely surprising gambling oasis’s. Prepare to be blown away by these new places to play keno!

Surprising Places to Play Keno in 2017

keno hotspot

This mega-casino is stealing the show in Cambodia.

Keno Hotspot #1: Cambodia – Out of all the countries in Southeast Asia, none are evolving as fast as Cambodia. This country is modernizing at a lightning pace as it vies for Thailand’s tourists. They may be fresh out of a brutal genocide, but the magnificent Angkor Wat temples are putting the spotlight back on tourism. Every year millions of tourists flock to their temples, but few realize that this is a mecca for gambling.

From Phnom Penh to Poipet, this country is filled to the brim with casinos. Many foreign companies are taking advantage of the country’s lax laws to open up casinos. There are plenty of casinos to choose from, but they pale in comparison to Thansur Bokor Highland Resort Casino.

This massive casino is just 45 minutes from Kampot & 3 hours from Phnom Penh. Surrounded by pristine jungle, this casino offers a surprising amount of luxury. It has a 418 room hotel, two restuarants, two buffets, two bars, a spa & a club. All this entertainment goes full throttle 24 hours a day, so it’s impossible to get bored in Cambodia!

Keno Hotspots

It doesn’t get more luxurious than this.

Keno Hotspot #2: South Africa – From safaris to bustling metropolises, South Africa has something for everyone. Everyone knows Africa has amazing wildlife, but now the focus is being reverted to the cities. In Johannesburg, they have stolen the show with their casinos. South Africa’s largest city has four casinos, with the most revered being the Montecasino.

This 278,871 sq. ft. casino offers a massive amount of entertainment options. They have 1,860 slot machines & 70 table games. There are also 9 restaurants, a hotel & multiple bars on their premises. Try out this hidden jewel in Africa!

Keno Hotspots

Gambling is the pride & joy of Argentina!

Keno Hotspot #3: Argentina – Many know that this is a romantic country, but few realize that it has a long love affair with gambling. For decades they have had the most relaxed gambling laws in all of South America. From luxury casinos to bustling race tracks, this country is filled to the brim with gambling options.

Out of all the casinos, the Trilenium Casino reigns supreme. This 3-story casino offers hundreds of gaming options, as well as first class live entertainment. Celebrate this country’s affinity for gambling by playing keno at one of their many casinos!

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The Four Best Spots to Play Keno in Las Vegas this Year

If you are thinking to visit Las Vegas this year then it is good time to play Keno and grab some big wins. Las Vegas is full of entertainment and glamour of all kinds and to get the best out of it is your choice. Keno is one such attraction here as it comes out a better game here with good options for player returns as well as amenities offered and limits available.

Here are the four best spots to visit and play Keno when in Las Vegas

1. El Cortez Las Vegas Downtown

El Cortez

El Cortez Hotel and Casino Resort Las Vegas

Address: El Cortez Hotel and Casino 600 E. Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 89101
Toll free: 1 800 634 6703
El Cortez has been voted Best Keno in the Review-Journal’s annual Best of Las Vegas poll for the past seven consecutive years. This casino is full of entertainment and offers variety of games to enjoy. Keno lounge is the most visited spot here and it is the only downtown casino featuring MegaKeno and Mega 10 Keno. These add on games give you access to state wide progressives with payouts in the millions.

Mega Keno

This casino participates in MegaKeno, the statewide “Live Keno” progressive link. MegaKeno links multiple progressive jackpots among participating casinos. If you opt to play Mega Keno then it is a Keno add-on featuring 5 to 9 spot progressives for new ways to win. You can go for $1.50 wager and mark your Keno ticket ‘MK’ to qualify.

Mega Keno

Mega Keno -5 to 9 Spot Progressives

The pay schedule and “Start At” amounts for MegaKeno are printed on the reverse side of the ticket. Winnings are calculated for the races played based on the verified draw at the casino and game in which the wager was placed. The original computer-generated ticket must be presented at the issuing casino to collect winnings. Non-progressive payouts may vary by casino.

When a MegaKeno Jackpot hits, the meter for that spot Jackpot reverts to the new Jackpot amount. At this time, any hit for the same spot Jackpot is paid at the new progressive amount.

All rules, regulations and limits of the casino at which the wager was placed apply. The casino’s aggregate limits apply only to the “Start At” portion of a MegaKeno hit.

In the event of multiple MegaKeno hit on the same Jackpot, only the portion of the Jackpot above the “Start At” amount is split between the winners. Each winner receives a full “Start At” amount, subject to aggregate rules. You can consult a Keno employee for additional details.

The El Cortez offers 10 different rates, including MegaKeno, and has a great host, Nords Malilay, who takes care of players’ every need. Plus it has some of the most liberal table games and video poker in downtown, which is the best overall place with few exceptions for keno in Southern Nevada.

Mega 10 Keno

If you opt to play the Mega 10 progressive, it starts at $1000,000. Wager with $1.50 and mark your ticket here with ‘M10’ to qualify. When a Mega10 Keno Jackpot hits, the meter reverts to a new Progressive amount no less than the reset amount of $25,000. At this time, any Jackpot hit is paid at the new progressive amount. The casino’s aggregate limits apply only to the first $25,000 of a Mega10 Keno hit.

In the event of multiple Mega10 Keno hits on the same Jackpot, the portion of the Jackpot above $25,000 is split between the winners. Each winner receives $25,000, subject to the casino’s aggregate rules.

The Mega10 Keno Progressive Jackpot will be paid in 11 equal installments over a 10 year period. The first installment payment will be made within 72 hours of presentation of a winning ticket. Thereafter, one payment will be made every year on the anniversary of the original payment, for 10 years. The winner will have the option of selecting a one-time present-value payment, payable within 15 days of selection.

2. Excalibur at Las Vegas Strip


Excalibur Hotel and Resort Casino Las Vegas

Address: 3850 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 800.937.7777

At Excalibur you can play your lucky numbers in their live Keno Lounge. Whether you play one game or 100, their friendly Keno staff is ready to write your ticket. Multiple games, way tickets and bonus payouts add more fun to the game. The Keno lounge is open daily from 8 am in the morning to Midnight as last game is called at 11:45 PM. The Keno lounge you can visit in the Excalibur Race & Sports Book on the casino floor.

Besides Keno you can enjoy craps and roulette, to $5 blackjack and your favorite card games be it three-card poker, Texas hold’em and many more. Many of these games have even a linked progressive, which creates a new level of excitement and significant jackpot payouts.

3. Gold Coast Off Strip Las Vegas

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Resort Las Vegas

Address: 4000 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV- 89103
Toll Free: 888-402-6278
Gold Coast Casino offers great Keno Lounge to relax and watch your numbers come up at one of the many Keno displays located throughout Gold Coast. Or if you prefer to play electronic keno, you’ll find a wide selection of keno games throughout the casino floor.
The two most widely played Keno games are Keno Saturday contest where you can win up to $1000. This Keno contest is held every Saturday from 4.00 am morning to 4.00 Pm evening. You can ask for the complete rules and details at keno counter and you must be 21 or older to enter this contest.
The other popular Keno game is Keno Progressive. As of writing this post the progressive was over $ 50,640. You can visit the Keno Lounge for details and remember that you need to be 21 and over to play this game.
Other places to play Keno in off strip area are the Orleans, Sams town, Palace Station, Boulder Station and few others. The Orleans has a good game, excellent tournaments, and an excellent keno manager, Annette Dearinger. Comps for keno players are good, too. Sue Grossman runs a good game at Gold Coast with two weekly mini-tournaments.

4. The Atlantis at Reno

The Atlantis

The Atlantis Hotel and Casino Resort Nevada

Address: 3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89502
Phone: 1.800.723.6500

The Atlantis is the home of largest progressive Keno Jackpots. One of them is ‘More to the Meter’ where 32% from every “More to the Meter” wager goes directly into the progressive jackpot. Unlike other progressive jackpots, Atlantis’ More to the Meter Keno progressives are not capped, so there is no limit to how much you can win! “More to the Meter” progressives are exclusively at Atlantis, and guaranteed to hit right here. Put more of your wager toward Atlantis’ in-house “More to the Meter Keno Progressives”, now offers 4-spot, 5-spot, 6-spot, 7-spot, 8-spot and 9-spot progressives. Atlantis Keno offers 24/7 live action on traditional ball keno games as well as modern computer draws. You can visit the Keno lounge for details.

Also a weekly $500 Keno Tournament with $500 in cash prize is held every Thursday from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Then there is Win Big Keno another progressive Keno. Atlantis’s Exclusive 9-spot Progressive is their biggest Keno jackpot ever.

To take part in this game visit Atlantis Keno Lounge. Then Pick 9 numbers and mark 9 pro on your ticket, minimum bet of 1.50. Finally watch Keno boards casino-wide or view live feed on the Atlantis Reno app or on the web and become a Millionaire.

Another interesting Keno Games at Atlantis are Lucky 7 and Parlay 3 Keno

You can play Lucky Number 7 one hour of Keno for only $20 and could win over $100,000. Just pick seven numbers, ask for  Lucky Number 7, or write “L7” on your ticket. Watch the next ten games to see if you’re won. For each game 4 out of 7 pays $7, 5 out of 7 pays $17, 6 out of 7 pays $777 and 7 out of 7 pays $17,777

In Parlay 3 Keno you can win $10,000 for only $5. Just pick the numbers, ask for Parlay 3, or write “P3” on ticket. Catch the same three numbers on the next two back-to-back games and win $10,000. Remember you must be 21 of age and over to play all these Keno games.

The Atlantis blows away the competition in Northern Nevada with their More to the Meter Progressive, excellent hotel and restaurants, and some of the best customer service you will  have ever seen. Sue Chau is an excellent keno manager of their 24/7 game. Their 9-spot progressive is if in the area be sure to give it a try!

Other spots to enjoy Keno in and around Reno are Peppermill, Rail City, Nugget.The above casinos have good games, good comps, and a lot of good ticket options.

As you can see there are a lot of good places to play when you are at Las Vegas. There are many fine casino employees as well, who help you enjoy the Keno game. If you are new to keno, you take a comfortable seat in the keno lounge in any of your best places and pick up the keno pay book or ask the support team. You will come to know of the  game rules, how to play and other such details

You will love to enjoy the MegaKeno throughout Las Vegas and the other progressive Keno games where you can figure the odds when you are ready to play as when playing progressive Pokies. Any plans to visit to these best Keno spots in 2017?

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Explore the World’s Craziest New Year’s Traditions

There are plenty of ways to bring in the New Year, & they vary wildly across the globe. As Australians, most of us stick to pyrotechnics & drinking with friends & family. While fireworks are pretty much a given wherever you go, there are a lot of exotic ways to enter 2017. These beliefs are usually fueled by local traditions that are steeped in superstition.

Each country has distinct ways of getting a fresh start. From smashing plates to wearing colorful underwear, the sheer amount of options is mind boggling. Comparing these unique ways of celebrating isn’t just entertaining, it reveals that we are all crazy in our own way. For this reason, we compiled a list of the world’s most interesting New Year’s traditions. Get ready to explore the madness that unites humanity with this jaw dropping article!

3 Outrageous New Year’s Traditions

New Year's Traditions

Improve your luck with yellow underwear!

New Year’s Traditions #1: Peru – This South American country is hell bent on having the most outlandish year end. The amount of superstitious beliefs that this country holds is staggering, & New Year is no exception. One of the most widely practiced New Year’s traditions is wearing yellow underwear. Right now the streets are packed with vendors who are selling every type of undies that you can imagine. From thongs to boxers, they are all bright yellow to bring a prosperous year to the wearer.

If that wasn’t enough, they also celebrate with effigies. Dolls of former presidents & other political figures are flying off the shelves. The people express their discontent for the country’s rampant corruption by lighting the dolls on fire at midnight. Their current president is under criminal investigation, so the doll burning hasn’t rid the country of corruption yet.

New Year's Traditions

Nothing is more terrifying to spirits than bread.

New Year’s Traditions #2: Ireland – Starting off the New Year means getting rid of evil spirits. Apparently, holy water is out of the question. In Ireland the only thing that will get the job done is a loaf of bread. The Irish ring in the New Year by bashing the walls of their homes with a loaf of bread. This gets rid off the malevolent spirits & lets them celebrate in peace. Who would have known that demons are gluten-free!

The fun doesn’t stop there. On top of heavy drinking, there’s also a unique tradition for singles. On New Year’s Eve everyone puts a nip of mistletoe under their pillow. This will help bring them the woman or man of their dreams.

New Year's Traditions

Bring gifts to have a great year!

New Year’s Traditions #3: Scotland – The Scots have completely reinvented New Years. They celebrate Hogmanay, which has a slew of delightfully bizarre rules. The most revered is the “first-footing” tradition. As the clock strikes midnight, the first person to enter the home sets the tone for the upcoming year. According to tradition the most appealing person to enter is a dark haired man carrying coal or food. The worst person to enter first is a fair haired female, which allegedly brings bad luck to the entire household.

Another essential Scottish tradition is starting off the New Year with a clean house. It’s considered bad luck not to sweep the floors & dust the window sills before New Year. While this may seem superstitious, it’s a great excuse to get your last-minute cleaning done!

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